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Artwork Restoration for Flawless Decals and Vehicle Wraps

Artwork restoration for decals, wraps, banners, and big signs

We make poor-quality art and logos shine.  Occasionally our customers have projects that require high-quality output— but all they have is a cell phone photo (or website image) of the faded, pixelated, or cracked original.  It’s almost never a problem.  Here is how we restore those logos for “Big Print” output:

StepsExample ImageDescription
Step 1: We start with a pixelated, poor-quality image.Pixelated logo artWhether it is a cell phone photo, an image from the web, or a napkin-sketch, we can refresh and restore almost any artwork.
Step 2: We quickly re-create the "main" parts of the original art.Recreation of logo linesOur designers start by making a "rough sketch" of the primary elements of the original art.
Step 3: We "clean" the rough lines to match the original, adding minor detail.Logo lines cleaned and stylized to match originalBy copying letters and elements that are used more than once, we can ensure 100% uniformity of the final art.
Step 4: Basic effects are added.Logo effects added to match originalWith the primary logo elements properly refined, adding secondary effects is quick and easy.
Step 5: Texture and pattern is added.Original logo pattern and texture created to match original artAttention to detail sets our work apart from many other studios.
Step 6: Separate parts are combined and final coloring is added.Coloring added to suit client preferencesWe can color and customize artwork to suit any business need or personal desire.