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Good vs Best Vehicle Wrap Comparison – Why “Economy” Costs Less

Economy Vehicle Wraps Cost Less For a Reason

But do you know why?  The table below highlights seven differences that separate a good vehicle wrap from a great one. It is a great place to start if you’re trying to weigh cost versus quality in deciding who will wrap your car, truck, boat or fleet.

The Best Way to Save Money on Your Next Car Wrap

If you can afford to wait, most shops slow down in the months leading up to the holidays at the end of each year.  Budget your money and hold off for typical price reductions of around 10% off.  Of course, if you use your wrap to attract new business, it might make sense to start advertising on the road as soon as possible.  You are likely to attract new customers, and justify any savings you might have seen, had you waited.

Good Versus Best Vehicle Wrap Comparison Table

GoodThe DifferenceBest
Quick Wash
Car with dust and wax
Vehicle Surface Preparation:
Properly cleaning the surfaces to be wrapped is crucial to longevity. A good shop might wipe the car down to be visibly clean, but the best vehicle wrap shops take time to detail all wrapped surfaces— thoroughly removing dust, wax, and grease that could keep the wrap from fully adhering to the vehicle surface.
Fully Detailed
Detailed car
Calendered Vinyl
Calendered vinyl
Type of Vinyl Chosen:
This may be the most important factor determining the overall cost and quality of a vehicle wrap. While less expensive "calendered" vinyl will work for most types of jobs, experienced shops know that "cast" vinyls begin their life as a liquid, and are far better at remaining conformed to the complex curves on most cars.
Cast Vinyl
Cast vinyl
Looks Good
Car wrap design
Graphic Design:
Once the wrap is complete, the graphic design is all anyone will see when they look at your wrapped vehicle. So be selective here. Many shops can provide you a wrap, but not all of them can represent your business visually, in a manner that delivers a message quickly to your desired audience. Stellar graphic design is hard to find.
Appeals to Intended Audience
Stellar graphic design
Left As-is
Vehicle left as-is
Pre-Installation Part Removal:
It takes time to remove a rear windshield wiper or license plates that might be in the way, but installers of the best vehicle wraps take that additional time to prepare for working around those tough places.
Parts Removed
Small parts carefully removed
Low Ink Output
Standard print quality
Print Quality:
Setting a large-format printer to "economy" grade output helps cut cost on vehicle wrap jobs. But the best vehicle wraps are printed at the highest quality output to resist fading for as long as possible.
Maximum Ink Output
Premium ink setting
No Lamination
No UV lamination
Protective UV Laminate:
If the type of vinyl used has the greatest impact on a car wrap's cost and quality, then the application of a UV laminate is number two. It protects the printed surface of your wrap from exposure to the elements and should be applied for vehicle wraps intended to last longer than 18 months.
Lamination Applied
UV lamination applied
Looks Good, Lasts for a While
Good car wrap
The Completed Job:
Even though they might all look the same, the best car wraps will ensure that your personal statement or marketing message draws lots of positive attention for years to come.
Looks Great, Lasts Longer
Best car wrap