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Price Comparison: High-Quality, Full Color Banner Providers

Today we decided it was time to make a few phone calls and find out which premium banner supplier offers the lowest price. Here’s a hint: we do. The results of our telephone survey are graphed below:

Banners and Big Prints has high quality, full-color banners at the lowest prices!

Banners and Big Prints has high quality, full-color banners at the lowest prices!

We compared our current price for a 4’x8′ full color, digitally printed banner to four competitors known for offering high-quality banners and top-notch customer service. For the comparison we selected three nation-wide shops (Signs Now, Kinko’s, and Fast Signs) and one Northern California local-area competitor (Avalon Graphics). Our approach was simple, we called each one and asked “How much will it cost…?”

And here are the detailed results. Signs Now came in as the most expensive banner shop, charging $320 for a single 4’x8′ full color-banner. And Kinko’s wasn’t very far behind at $288. One surprise from our telephone price survey was that national sign shop Fast Signs was actually $24 cheaper than local supplier Avalon Graphics who charges $216. And just in case you are wondering what you can expect to pay for that same full color banner from Banners and Big Prints… only $184 (at the time of this writing, of course). So hurry up and give us a call! Prices may not stay the same, but we will always stay lower than our major competitors.

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